Introduction and Chapter One.

ISBN# 0–9662174–3–8

copyright Leroy W. Jones, 1997.
published 1997, Wellwood Publications, and edited by Leroy W. Jones.
re-edited 2021, by Wry Welwood.


The Wonderful Powers of Being is Book One in a series of three, a collection on getting from the dangers of denial to the joys of affirmation. The next in the series will be The Affirmation Celebration: Getting Past Denial Survival, and after that Dancing the Reel Wheel: The Rhythms of Life.

(editors note: when the first book did not sell in 1997, the other books did not get written. That does not mean they won’t be.)

Will these…

Literary Impulse & Paper Poetry ‘Eudaimonia’ Prompt Submission

A voyage of words

Image and words by the writer

a canoe paddling downstream ~ spirals
whirlpools born fading into larger currents~
mind forms eddies of meaning ~ made by
the paddle of intent and left behind serenely ~
existence not fought for ~ being doing breathing
in rhythm ~ strokes of the paddle expiring ~
the unspoken mantra ~ meaning uncertain ~
the journey purposeful ~ sunlight tangible ~
clouds and rain periodically refreshing ~
it is a long long journey all the way ~
all the way ~ all the way to the ocean ~

Wry Welwood

The Tao of adhesion and slip

Outline of gecko.
Outline of gecko.
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Cat the dog (nickname stuck) comes in from the rain, shakes vigorously, water flies off fur all over me and the closed in porch…

The musculature of a horse quivers underneath hide like a seizure, shaking off flies trying to bite…water slides off duck’s back, no effort on duck’s part…snails leave trails of slime protecting them from sticky dirt, lubricating their peregrinations…I splatter a mosquito, flick tiny corpse off my arm with a single finger…carrion drops off vulture’s naked head.

Yet some things stick tighter than Velcro (r), burrs on a coat, leeches on a frog, napalm on screaming civilians,

Meaningful and meaningless

Faceless head, surreal.
Faceless head, surreal.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Some labels stick, some don’t, some are true or in between.
False, silly, hurtful, functional, meaningless, mean, witty.
The older I get the more labels accrue
until you can’t see me buried
beneath the nomenclature:

Damaged goods, resilient, loser, wounded, healer,
depressed, traumatized, healing, work in progress,
underachiever, deep, intellectual, slow,
artist, pragmatist, idealist, communist,
hippy, protestor, anti-war, liberal, bleeding heart,
Christian, Pagan, Druid, agnostic,
actor, veterinary nurse, hard worker, sucker,
psychodramatist, expressive therapist, psychotherapist, shrink,
immature, old soul, wise, clueless, inspiring, invisible,
weak, strong, coward, courageous, advocate,
caring, cold, in touch with his feelings,
Mr. Spock, Charlie Brown, Snoopy,
holier than thou, self-demeaning, realistic, cynical,
punster, silly…

Wry Welwood

I am a former crisis clinician, and current online counselor. Happily married over 40 years to Martha. Two grown children of whom I am proud, Cally and Remi.

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